Cleartrip Hotel tuple re-design on search results page

Cleartrip - August 2019 ||| Skills: UX Design, UI Design, Design system

In July 2019, Cleartrip kicked off project Bento, the beginning of the new Cleartrip design system.  Along with huge benefits like consistency and re-usability for design and a clean React code base for technical efficiency, Bento also gave the design team a chance to relook at design decisions on major pages with fresh perspectives relevant to today's user needs.

Luckily for me, I joined Cleartrip at just this time and was able to deep dive into the first major project under Bento - the Hotels Search Results Page. Below is an attempt to take you through the journey of the redesign of one of the major components of this page, the tuple! The tuple is the card providing all information regarding a particular hotel that acts as the trigger for a user to see that hotel in detail.

Under the guidance of the hotels team lead and design manager, I worked closely with the product managers to re-look at this component piece by piece.  
The process followed involved understanding each of the problem areas in detail, iterating on information architecture of the component and finally exploring various UI level possibilities to present this refined information clearly to the user.

Unfortunately this project has not yet gone live and hence for confidentiality reasons cannot be shared publically. I would be happy to take you through the process and final outcomes personally. Email me to know more details about this project: